When it comes to financing your next car in Utica, take some time to consider your options carefully. Here at Carbone Buick GMC of Utica, we offer our valued customers with the opportunity to either buy or lease their next new vehicle, whichever option best satisfies their budgets. As both are appropriate solutions, it really depends on your budget and what you're willing to spend now versus later. For some more in-depth insight, let's dive in and compare the benefits of each financing option, starting with buying.


  • Buying leads to eventual ownership 
  • Freedom to sell or trade your vehicle any time after it's paid off
  • Unrestricted by mileage giving you the freedom to drive anywhere
  • Ability to customize without getting hit with hidden dealership fees
  • Less money spent in the long term
If you're in the market for a new Buick, or GMC near New Hartford and you want to experience the benefits of ownership, buying is way to go. Buying grants you ownership and ownership is the golden goose when it comes to enjoying your time spent behind the wheel. This is because buying gives you the freedom to customize your vehicle without worrying about breaching any contracts. Although buying generally costs your more money upfront, it will ultimately save you money in the long term. In addition, buying also allows you to drive unrestricted by mileage. When you sign a lease, you're limited to how far you can drive your vehicle. If you're planning some long road trips or you often drive long hours for work, buying might be in your best interest because it gives you the freedom to do as you please.

  • Less money spent upfront and a smaller down payment
  • Lower monthly payments for the budget-conscious driver
  • Ease of trade in after your lease contract expires
  • Drive the newest cars with the latest technology every couple of years
  • Warranty typically covers most maintenance and regularly scheduled service
Leasing, on the other hand, costs you less money upfront but allows you to drive a nicer and newer car every couple of years. Leasing is ideal for budget-conscious drivers in Rome, NY, who are looking to save some money in the short-term while still getting to enjoy the luxuries of driving a new vehicle. Although leasing limits you to making any changes to the vehicle, it does come under warranty and will help save you money on service and regularly scheduled maintenance like oil changes. Additionally, leasing makes it easy to sign and drive. Once your contract expires, simply return your leased vehicle back to the dealership and drop off the keys. As long as the vehicle is in proper condition and in the same shape as when you first leased it, you'll have the opportunity to either re-sign or select an even newer vehicle that you'd like to lease.

Proudly serving customers from the greater Oneida, NY, area, our Carbone Buick GMC of Utica dealership is determined to help you get an affordable deal on your next new vehicle purchase. Whether you're in the market for something like the Buick Enclave, or something rugged like the GMC Sierra 2500, our financing solutions are in place for you to help make the car buying process as easy and stress-free as possible.

For more information about financing and dive deeper into the advantages of buying vs. leasing, our sales team would be more than happy to assist you. To learn more and to schedule an appointment near Whitesboro, please call, click, or visit us in person at Carbone Buick GMC of Utica today! We look forward to meeting you!


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